Yachtsnl 2023 Dutch-built yacht sales report available has released the 184 page, annual Dutch-built yacht sales report of 2023, offering a detailed examination of the international Dutch-built yacht sales market. Here you will find in-depth information about the number of Dutch-built yachts larger than 18 meters that have been sold, entered the market, changed in price or have been withdrawn from the sales market. is the data portal for all Dutch-built yachts larger than 18 meters. The portal gives complete, transparent insights in the Dutch-built sales market and yachting industry by collecting and sharing reliable first-hand yacht data. With in-depth articles and information on Dutch yachts, shipbuilders and yards, designers, suppliers and brokers in Dutch-built yachts, the portal forms a knowledge centre of the Dutch yacht (sales) industry.
At Van der Vliet Dutch Quality Yachts we believe this report and portal is very useful for you as buyer or yacht owner to gain valuable insights into the Dutch-built yacht sales market!

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