We lead the way in creating the yacht of your dreams

If you choose to commission your new built yacht with Van der Vliet, we will lead the way for you to have a care-free and enjoyable experience throughout the building process of the yacht of your dreams. Our team of independent building supervisors will advise and represent you throughout the whole building process and give you quality assurance along the way.


In 1975 Van der Vliet Dutch Quality Yachts was launched and in 1980 Ad Van der Vliet purchased 15.000m2 service & refit yard along with a sales marina. After the arrival of the internet, our company adapted and broadened horizons and started selling yachts globally. We adapted by adding new sales techniques, and one of those is to create very detailed specifications of each of our listings. Our hands-on experience on board, the experience of running a shipyard, and our in-depth yacht knowledge, makes the perfect basis to guide you through the process of commissioning the yacht that meets all your requirements.

The services we include in our building supervision

Our team of building supervisors provides professional building supervision throughout all the stages of the building process. During the engineering phase, we map out all your needs and discuss the possibilities of variations on the contract or building specifications. Once the building process starts we will represent you and your interests on-site. You will frequently receive detailed updates regarding the planning and progress of your yacht. Furthermore, we will be present at every inspection to make sure the functionality and safety aspects of your yacht are to the highest standards, and finally, at the sea trial we will perform tests on all items to the maximum of your yacht’s capabilities. This way we can assure you that during the delivery and hand-over you receive your vessel up to the standard and with all requirements you have set from the beginning, so you can start a successful maiden voyage.

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