Moonen Shipyard

Premium Dutch custom motor yachts from 30 to 50 metres in length

Founded in 1981, Moonen Shipyards has an excellent reputation worldwide for premium quality custom motor yachts between 30 and 50 metres. The yard specialises in serving clients with a first-class Dutch vessel of a size that does not require a large crew. There are also other benefits of staying under 500 gross tonnes to consider: operational costs such as crew compliance regulations increase significantly above that figure as does the price of the vessel.

Most Moonen owners therefore choose a yacht that revolves around their own personality and usage. A reliable superyacht that they can sail together with their friends and go diving or have a real family holiday unhampered by a lack of marina facilities or shallow harbours. Many of these clients become ambassadors for the Moonen brand by inviting guests on board and allowing them to experience the difference.

Quality controlled

You can actually sense and feel premium Dutch quality when stepping on board a Moonen in terms of sound levels, vibration, seakeeping and the like. These parameters are related to naval architecture, engineering and construction; areas in which Moonen can match the very finest superyacht builders in the Netherlands and abroad.

A good example is the recent custom build 42-meter Sofia, famed for carrying her very own yellow submarine. The noise levels in the suites are only 40 db at cruising speed and a maximum vibration level of 0.3 to 0.4, compared to an acceptable Class 1 level of 1.8. These figures are a testimony to the engineering excellence that went into the design, the superior construction skills on hand at Moonen and a recognition that, ultimately, it is the daily attention to detail that makes all the difference when talking about quality. This is the essence of every Moonen.

Caribbean bound

In addition to totally bespoke superyachts, Moonen offers its Caribbean line: a range of semi-custom motor yachts created in partnership with Rene van der Velden. Offering a distinctive and timeless style, the Caribbean line showcases the characteristic Moonen attributes in terms of comfort at sea, low fuel consumption and top Dutch quality. Built upon a proven hull and lines plan, the owner makes all the choices about outdoor & interior layouts and the technical systems, facilities and equipment.

Clients can bring in their own interior designer to ensure that the style, furnishings and decoration is entirely to their taste, safe in the knowledge that Moonen’s attention for details and a high-end finish is assured. The owners of the first yacht in the Caribbean line – the 30-metre Bijoux – worked with the Adam Lay Studio (UK) on this family-friendly yacht’s fabulous interior. The interior of the second Caribbean, the 37-metre Moonen Martinique due for launching in early 2018, has been designed by Nauta (Italy).

World traveller

All Moonen Caribbean yachts share a philosophy of maximising the pleasures of being in close proximity to the water. And the latest new concept to be unveiled by the yard also opens up a world of possibilities in terms of life on the ocean waves. The new Navarino concept is a 47-metre global traveller which combines the features of an ‘explorer-type’ motor yacht with an elegant profile that appeals to all tastes. It can serve as a starting point for clients seeking a go-anywhere motor yacht or as inspiration to go in a completely different direction.

Based on in-depth market research and client surveys, the Navarino includes all the facilities you’d expect from a yacht designed to have no barriers when it comes to exploring the planet in style. Robust enough for travel to everywhere from Alaska to Argentina and in all types of seas, the Navarino has a monocoque structure, with the hull and main deck being a single entity. As well as offering major benefits in terms of strength, stiffness and weight, there are no side decks on the main deck. The result is an increase in volume and a full-beam interior across the entire main deck. This optimum use of interior space makes the Navarino one of the largest 500 GT superyachts available on the market today.

Innovative layout

The aft deck lazarette of the Moonen Navarino is raised to the same level as the beach club. Having a genuine beach club feeling on a yacht of this size is unique. Dispensing with the normal split-level arrangement generates a considerable amount of unified space to enjoy nature close to the water in a most pleasant place to relax when underway. Moreover, steps lead down into the full-beam main lounge where the wide-bodied construction combines with a glass staircase and floor-to-ceiling windows to generate a very open feeling. This is enhanced by keeping the aft bulwark low, ensuring wide panoramas.

The rules protecting natural areas are increasingly strict and the Navarino offers advanced options to ensure owners continued access to such regions while reducing any environmental impact. Future-proof solutions include the use of sustainable materials and solar panels, exhaust gas cleaning, heat recovery of exhaust gases and a hybrid prolusion arrangement. 

No limits

The Navarino can carry at least 50,000 litres of fuel and has a fresh water capacity of 12,000 litres. An optimised hull design in combination with fin stabilizers will ensure a comfortable performance underway and at anchor. With an owner’s suite on the main deck and four guest cabins below, a party of ten can set out on this world traveller with no limits to their discovery plans. The Navarino is the latest example of the custom possibilities at Moonen.

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