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DMS Holland’s mission is make your stay aboard as comfortable as possible. That’s why we specialise in stabilisers and continuously develop new products to ensure the best possible results for each and every customer requirement. The two latest innovations to join our series of stabilisers are the DMS Universal and the WaveMaster.

DMS Universal

A universal control system suitable for use with exisiting (third party) fin stabilisation systems. The ideal solution for yacht owners looking to upgrade an older generation system with a new control system, without needing to replace the lot.
To replace all mechanics and hydraulics because of a defective control system is a waste of resources. DMS Holland replaces the defect control system with a modern digital system equipped with state-of-the-art technology, radically reducing the costs of fixing the stabilisation system on board. With the DMS Universal, a somewhat dated system can be easily updated and used for years to come.

“Our stabiliser software was broken but our fins were still as good as new . That’s when DMS suggested the DMS Universal solution. After year of discomfort, life was happy again! DMS Holland have the expertise, experience and enthusiasm to solve problems with stabiliser in the best possible way. It’s a pleasure to recommend DMS Holland. They kept all their promises about function, price and time.” - Karin & Åge Owners and crew MY Raymond du Puy Kristiansand, Norway


An innovative system that guarantees comfort at anchor. The WaveMaster keeps the bow of the yacht positioned into the waves. As a result, the yacht remains in a position where it cannot start rolling and therefore maintains the optimal position for comfort at anchor.

The yacht is kept into position using a special stern thruster. This thruster is silent, powerful and easy to install and can also be used at full speed for manoeuvring inside the harbour.

Measurements on a 15m yacht in the Bay of Saint-Tropez, France

The image on the left compares the positioning reading of a 15 metre boat equipped with a WaveMaster system whilst at anchor in the Bay of Saint Tropez (system switched off versus on).

MagnusMaster, AntiRoll and AntiRoll All-In-One

DMS Holland has plenty more tricks up their sleeve to make your stay on board as comfortable as possible! For (semi-)displacements yachts up to 30 metres, we have the MagnusMaster stabilisation system. This is DMS’s best seller with over250 systems already sold. One of the most recent orders placed was for the former Royal Yacht Stalca, sold by Van der Vliet. 

For superyachts, we have AntiRoll - a dual-axis fin stabilisation system that can provide comfort underway as well as at zerospeed. And for planing yachts, we have the all new AntiRoll All-In-One. A dual-axis stabiliser which is currently in the final stages of development and is expected to be available mid 2021.

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