Sell your Yacht

Sell your Yacht

Over 40 years of experience

Founded in 1975, Van der Vliet Dutch Quality Yachts has built up a dynamic database of purchasers and buyers representatives. With detailed information of more than 3500 Dutch build yachts we have an excellent overview of current market movements, enabling us to market your yacht in the most suitable way. Our personal approach, sales data and over 45 years of sales experience have allowed us to sell more than 1000 yachts over the years.

Dutch yacht specialist between 18 and 50 meters

Van der Vliet’s specialization in and knowledge of Dutch-built quality yachts means we can really emphasize the unique and valuable aspects of your yacht. We capture these qualities in crisp, high-quality photography and detailed, comprehensive technical specifications, ensuring the best presentation. Learn more about the history of Dutch yacht building and the benefits of our specialization here.

Contact with buyers

The wide range of effective marketing tools at Van der Vliet include amongst other things the promotion on various online platforms and social media, an inviting photo brochure and a high-quality and detailed virtual online tour.

The virtual tour is a unique sales tool that allows clients to visit your yacht without stepping onto a plane and enables brokers to show these potential buyers all the features of a yacht. This online showing gives the broker a first feeling of the buyers expectations and intentions, so he can make a shift between clients with a general interest and serious buyers.

Appointing the right brokerage house

Selecting the right brokerage house to sell your valuable Dutch-built yacht is a very important step for you as owner. That’s why Van der Vliet makes no empty promises during the valuation of your yacht, but rather gives advice based on facts, market research and proven results.

A direct result of this approach is that over the past years we have been able to sell more than 80% of our listings directly towards the buyer without another brokerage house involved. The main advantage of such a direct deal is the significantly higher net result for an owner. Please click here for more information on direct deals.


Take a look at the results page on our website to see a selection of the quality yachts built and designed in the Netherlands which we have sold over the years. We have sold many of them several times – up to six for some – and some even within three months of signing the sales order, read more here.

Our marketing approach is explained in detail in our Yacht Marketing Programme. As we stay on top of the latest market developments, our Yacht Marketing Programme is constantly evolving. Please contact us if you would like us to make a custom plan for your yacht.

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