Repeat Business

Repeat Business

Every yacht listed on the Van der Vliet website becomes part of our yachts family. Our team gets to know every detail of the vessel and focuses on creating the best online and interactive presentation, one which will reflect her best qualities and features.

The closing of a successful sale is a complicated process with various challenging steps. To start with, today’s fast-paced market requires a hands-on mentality. In addition to extensive knowledge of the yacht’s history, a high level of technical know-how is also required as well as negotiating experience and expertise in tax rules, contracts, documentation, registration, crew matters and other legal formalities. The experience, marketing and sales approach at Van der Vliet covers all these subjects, helping ensure an honest, transparent and maximum sales result. It is also why we have so many successful repeat sales worldwide.

After-sales services

Another important element in the sales process at Van der Vliet is the personal and open communication between brokers and clients. Even after a sale is completed, new owners may still have some questions or require assistance with legal procedures, a refit project or subcontractors. The Van der Vliet team always strive to help with any questions owners might have regarding their yacht. As we are the buyer’s main contact, the seller doesn’t have to worry about a thing.

As a result, many of the yachts that Van der Vliet Quality Yachts has sold over the years were sold several times. Some have even been through our books on no less than six occasions.

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