Direct Deals

Direct Deals

Over the past decades most of the deals closed by Van der Vliet Quality Yachts have been directly between buyers and sellers. The main advantage of a direct deal is the significantly higher net result for the seller. As sellers pay commission over the complete transaction, they can save up to 50% on the brokerage fee. The regular commission fee is 10% (ex. VAT) of the sales sum.

The key elements for completing a direct deal are trust, honesty and transparency. This is why the team at Van der Vliet Dutch Quality Yachts believes in creating sustainable relationships with our clients before any decisions are made. Building such a trusting bond takes years and fundamentally starts during the market orientation. Such a relationship means that our brokers know exactly what their clients are looking for and can give honest advice based on individual requirements. Our clients can, in turn, be sure that any yacht presented to them by our brokers will match many of their wishes. The expertise, network and knowledge about the yachts of the Van der Vliet brokers enables our clients to make fully informed and optimal decisions.

The main criteria involved in a direct deal is the documentation and detailed specifications prepared by our brokers that will ultimately become a part of the sales process. By being clear from the start about what is being offered, we create a smooth process throughout: from signing a memorandum of agreement, sea trials and survey to the final signing of the protocol of delivery and acceptance.

When items come up during the survey, our main goal is to swiftly find a constructive and efficient solution for all parties involved.

Our transparent market approach has created many repeat clients over the years as buyers also learn about our approach during the transaction. Together with many years of experience, expertise, specialism and close prospect relationships, this approach makes us your ideal partner for selling or buying a Dutch-built yacht. For us, it is always a pleasure to see owners return to Van der Vliet after years of enjoying their beautiful Dutch-built yacht.

In-house vs. direct deals

The difference with in-house deals is that there are two brokers from the same brokerage house involved in a transaction, instead of one as is the case with a direct deal. With an in-house deal the seller still pays the full 10% commission for the buying and selling broker. Whereas with a direct deal, since only one broker is involved, the 10% commission can be reduced up to 50%, resulting in a much higher net result for the seller.

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